Leo Rising Wellness

Walk your own unique path.

Live the life designed for you.

So many people are on a journey that wasn’t meant for them.

Whether it’s society, peers, or the media, many of our everyday decisions and path of life are based on what other people have to say- not what is in our hearts.

I am here to help you discover the life you were meant to live.

Together, we will uncover your potential, pursue your passions, and guide you toward more joy, peace, and passion.

My work has been featured in Thought CatalogThrive GlobalElephant JournalThe Fix, and more.

Meet Kristin

My name is Kristin Fehrman and I’m a single 30-something in Traverse City, Michigan. Over the past twelve years I’ve lived in seven major cities, changed careers more times than I can count, and met amazing people along the way. These invaluable experiences helped teach me who I was as a person, no matter what my outside circumstances may have been.

Through recreating myself time and time again, I discovered my true home was within- and I am here to help you find that home within yourself, too.

In addition to my coaching, I offer complete wellness programs by connecting women with other health practitioners, including chiropractic care, yoga instructors, skincare professionals, health coaches, and more.

Each individual is different, but when we empower each other, we empower ourselves!

Live authentically.

It’s important for me to make coaching and wellness accessible to all. I have reduced my session prices as we face the Coronavirus Pandemic, but please email me for special circumstances and life transitions. I am happy to work with you.

When we all do better, we ALL do better.

Introductory Session


Includes customized coaching plan.

Online Coaching


One hour, online.

In-Person Coaching


Sessions available April 2020.